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Bitja Gardson
A Bird Of a Different Talent
Claws is not like the other birds of the Rootfoot forest. While his talented brothers sing and fly all day like all the other birds, Claws stays home. The reason is that he has a terrible singing voice, and his flying abilities are no better as he slams and crashes into everything in his path. One day he decides to leave the nest and go on an adventure in search of someone that can teach him to sing and fly like all the other birds. In Claws' search for his talent he finds a best friend that cheerfully joins him in his adventure, and encounters many interesting characters such as a frog that gives singing lessons, a cricket that directs an orchestra at night, and a butterfly-looking moth that gives them hope. Their adventure soon leads them into a dangerous situation with the biggest spider of the forest. Will the two young friends make it home safe from their first adventure together, and will Claws find his talent along the way?
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Claws, Oscar
and the
Trouble in the Tropics
Fall has arrived in the Rootfoot Forest and everybody is getting ready for the winter. The ducks fly south, but one duck named Sid that got lost the day before gets left behind. Since Sid has a poor sense of direction, Claws and Oscar decide to help him out. They end up in a tropical country where a new adventure awaits them along with many new friends.
About the Author
Bitja Gardson was born in Sweden. She started to write stories when she was five years old. Not knowing how to write, her first stories were picture stories. After learning how to write, the story writing continued. At seven years of age she started to perform puppet theatre in her school. The plays where performed in the classroom with stuffed animals and a vivid dialog. Her father helped her along with the scripts and settings, and was soon inspired to write puppet plays for larger audiences, which they started to perform together for young children in various schools and in one cultural establishment. Living in USA since age of 15 her choice of classes in high school and college was directed towards art and theatre, as well as composition. We are happy that she finally decided to publish her stories and the first out is "A Bird of a Different Talent".
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